Balenciaga 2014 Winter Fashion show

Short coat casual academic
Double-breasted short coat meticulous, inadvertently reveals the book aroma reminiscent of “Love Story” in the Ali MacGraw, after all, is to create “College Wind,” the classic single product. Casual jeans allowed sense is not so constrained, hot season coarse trousers with boots extending from the neat feeling, and dual shoulder bag is emphasis on the “preppy” proper practical philosophy. Long coat lazy French Normcore
Long coat with wide leg trousers with a dress destined primarily to slender, athletic shoes to join it turned Normcore wind classic styling. Ending with a long scarf decorated with tassels bring a point for lazy “Je ne sais quoi” French elegance.
Moncler Outlet UK forces combine soft shoulder pads coat
Has a “right kit (Power Suit)” coat shoulder pads full sense of power, harness dress is full of soft, feminine style, the combination of strength and soft impact, highlighting the beauty under intense contrast. Bright red for modeling the finishing touch, building a sense of the modern handbag and high heels luxury performance thoroughly.

Six coats six kinds of style outfit

Coats Moncler Outlet UK is one of the best things fall and winter, at the same time withstand the cold better fashion sense swept away the negative energy with its “ten surface haze Volt” will bring. Coat styles, not only the length difference, contours are different and A-shaped cocoon, the more the details of the points laced with shoulder pads. Different styles of coats can modify different body type, and create a great deal of diversity in the fashion modeling. Take a look at the following six coat to wear to how to maximize the potential of their fashion.
A swing-type coat shape girl
Has swept the 1960s “swing fashion (Swinging)” in 2014 autumn and winter has been a full recovery, youthful A-type coat with a very Mod (Mod fashion 60s) style high collar dress is its best interpretation , and knee-high boots with a deconstructionist architect Frank Gehry designed especially for Louis Vuitton hand bag models are icing on the cake in the shape of modern sense.
Cocoon coats modern high-set fashion
Cristobal Balenciaga favorite cocoon silhouette in Alexander Wang‘s current creative director of his namesake brand coat designs are reinterpreted. Waist straight jeans with high heels legs slender shape has subtly make sense given the high profile of the cocoon-shaped coats seem Millia. Take Rihanna stacked favorite Balenciaga “Cable Shopper Handbagwill create a modern style ingenuity snarky.

MONCLER X Adam Katz Sinding Winter Street beat diary

If the coordinates of the big fashion show is a city, then take a certain street is the city’s fashion diary. On this diary, recording each person most everyday wear and most natural posture. Maybe on a second type of people are shopping, enjoying coffee pleasure, also, or are upset to miss a train, the next second he was the photographer captured into the picture. 2014 WINTER, MONCLER continue to work the street shooting guru Adam Katz Sinding, freeze the streets of New York to capture supermodel Xiao Wang and her friend fashion supermodel stature.
MONCLER 2014 WINTER, amusing design into this season’s fashion theme. Using simple and neat tailoring, Plaid, pop, jackets and other fashion elements, so that the winter has become particularly lively. In color, ease Moncler Outlet UK red, blue, yellow and other large blocks of color applications, you would be shocked at the winter is no longer confined to the traditional black and white ash.
Plaid has been regarded as a classic British style, when the classic checkered design with bright colors combine to bring more winter warmth and vitality.
Pope concise, colorful and full of fun for the fashion industry to bring endless inspiration. This winter will pop style MONCLER Fun in the end, whether it is with a luxurious down jacket or sweater and casual, you can not crash the same passion.
Woolen coat is the most critical single product worth the investment, can bring endless styling inspiration. Dress is fashionable winter off their essential weapons.
Moncler Outlet UK Down single product Although often criticized the fashion world, but the same can be very good with color.

Cold winters, warm down jacket is definitely full wardrobe must-have item one

Cold winter, warm and full of down jacket is definitely one of the must-have wardrobe items. However, how to get rid of down jacket, old-fashioned” Impression, piercing the modern urban atmosphere it? Might as well let you interpret for fall and winter 2014 fashion Moncler Outlet UK Down five trends - large lazy, classic texture, fashionable colors, silhouette short paragraph, eye-catching prints, T Taiwan supermodel follow jacket outfit learning skills now!
Models one: large lazy
For this season’s jackets Moncler Outlet UK, a particularly long paragraph, the girls want to wear clothing lazy elegance, it is absolutely the best demonstration of Chloé. Large silhouette essential collar liner design is where it‘s fashionable, it can not only wind and cold, also can add to your style gas field. Can be used with near-colored soft leather clutch, jacket decorated heels, have a good bonus effect.
Two models: the classic texture
In a low-key atmosphere exudes stylish classic texture pattern jacket, is the season to break the boring, modern but not flamboyant style representative. You can choose to Max Mara full of classic British Lunfan children Plaid jacket, dark colors can also try leopard, camouflage, dots, etc. texture styles for your attire inject subtle hint of small atmosphere. Dress for the ride, the rich luster of the fabric to better highlight your modern temperament.
Three models: Stylish shades
Like Moncler Outlet UK tone jacket as we present the bright red, winter and want to publicize your personality, might as well start with a stylishly tone it down jacket. Whether futuristic holographic coating color, or the mysterious and elegant navy blue about, or naughty candy colors, I believe there is always a middle of your heart. Collocation simplify, a pair of high boots and elegant handbag of the same color, can make you instantly brightened.
Four models: Contour short paragraph
Contour of the full sense of Moncler Outlet UK short paragraph down jacket, Topshop Unique is definitely a touch of autumn and winter show floor highlights. This type of jacket, not only for tall girl wearing the same for the lower body stubby people, it can also play lengthen the leg, the role of physique modification. You can pick rounded shoulders rich sense of structure models, try more cool hot metal color. With straight jeans, one pair of beautiful embellishment and ankle boots, modeling will be very perfect!
Five models: the eye-catching prints
Not into the winter, we will ruthlessly discard those amazing prints. Wonderful demonstration from Kenzo‘s autumn and winter show, models dressed in bright yellow feather print dress collar down jacket Moncler Outlet UK, pocketed the people’s attention. For the same love of colorful prints for you, dare to try different styles of printing - realistic printing, printing national wind, vintage baroque prints, etc., there is always a right for your taste. Of course, you want to set off with the eye-catching prints, then black single product on the essential

If you have never had a down coat, then the basic models as an entry single-breasted down coat – you deserve!

Classic double-breasted coat
And single-breasted coat compared to basic models, double-breasted coat becomes more solemn retro. The figure is a late 19th century French men’s social dress catalog, we can see the double-breasted coat was the gentleman who travel choice. In fact since the 17th century, the double-breasted coat in continental been sought after by men. Regency England to the early 19th century, people’s fascination with double-breasted coat is to reach its peak, probably because this is not how warm the UK, so we took advantage of opportune double-breasted coat in Europe was severely swept one.
So Moncler Outlet UK double-breasted coat itself comes laden with history, plus Jiaoruan down this expensive material, an old-fashioned gentleman‘s texture is skyrocketing up. The above illustration of two, wearing a three-piece suit, whether inside or black do at the end, all that touch on the win in the Dandy not arrogant temperament, the double-breasted coat dress cool down again stable.
If you are confident that he is the result of years of sedimentation old boy, then a solemn retro double-breasted coat is more suitable for you!
. Elegant models a button coat
Down coat style addition to the basic models and classic, also growing out of a more modern style. For example, the figure of a grain of debit-style, is to be a minimalist tide, usually two tablets to simplify or three button single-breasted coat to just one button. Sharp tailoring make clean breast coat has been hanging along the neckline to hem, down more prominent characteristics of this material soft and smooth.
Most emphasize a buckle down coat smooth lines, so not too much modification in the traditional men emphasized shoulders and waist, which also allows it to have a mighty fat, thin leaner” effect. In order to further highlight its lean into a seam effect, black natural choice. Look at love to do a button coat designers, Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto …… all go chill style, so you can safely get to do
In addition to black outside, Moncler Outlet UK classic color camel down the material is also a good choice. Unlike black so high cold, pour make you more like a warm rich man.

How to crack the dress code

The first social experience for many years to develop the habit is to first read the dress code on the invitation. Whether you receive a “black tie dress” or “fashionable modern” and must follow dress code, distinguish intentions occasion dress, do not expect to just muddle through.
In more everyday time, your image should look like.
1. always concerned about the latest fashion trends and fashion week information for your favorite brands and clothing with, you should do more than is recommended even line fashion editor.
2. Do not get too fancy up. Do not put all the elements of fashion wear on the body, which is stylish performance anxiety.
3. You have the inspiration for fashion then, of course, should know pantyhose and sneakers with, on one knee again Moncler Outlet UK coat on the very same again.
The sunglasses are needed, but put it off come indoors.
5. Some details worthy of further study, such as advanced custom Moncler Outlet UK leisure suit jacket cuff should be hand-sewn buttonholes as very intimate show off, you can open a buckle closest cuffs.
6. trendy and young style is not suitable for wearing too expensive jewelry, a watch-style tough enough.
7. To maintain a clean and careful use of perfumes and skin care in casual status, you will be much closer and friends.
8. That is the case, the more the more stylish casual dress and rightly require careful commissioning

Polar style Moncler 2014 Winter Series release

Moncler new series inspired by the polar style, learn and dream Aurora snow-capped element, every single product will reveal a pure, sensual, elegant atmosphere. In the autumn and winter of 2014/2015, Moncler brand most representative Le Brillant, Le Tempête and Le Madame other classic models are integrated into the right modern. From the pleasant cherry color, with metallic silver, the noble ice blue and deep rose wood color, both in the use of color in this season’s performance thoroughly. At the same time, the use of innovative new style lines and materials are making the new season appears to be both bold and avant-garde, and delicate wisdom. Is worth mentioning that “Every D” launched a new series this season - this series of soft jacket with a casual design, is the best choice for casual occasions. All along, Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher jackets are considered superior craftsmanship and quality of the model. This season, Moncler craftsmen to break the routine, the use of rare leather to new products, with advanced manufacturing technology in its perfect combination of extraordinary new design. New products presented feather, sheep and reflective material mused finest selection of raw materials, and strive to create a long cold nights, the vast polar climate and magnificent Ice Age unique scene.
White Button
Witnessed for the first time this season Moncler white buckles design into its classic style in Le Brillant. Le Brillant series came in 1958, is by far one of the most representative styles of Moncler. This time Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher white buckles is undoubtedly a major highlight of the season design, more subtly with brand new white color-based retail concept echoes.

2014 autumn and winter men’s series opener MONCLER OUTLET some Scandinavian tour,

bringing a new definition of comfort. Scandinavian immortality into MONCLER OUTLET design element. When modern minimalist casual encounter details: profile of architectural styles and natural fabrics perfectly became one; the color is also very simple. Imagine Scandinavian architecture: for example, a new landmark Oslo Opera House – a unique example of precision and modern design, the avant-garde but yet cordial. MONCLER OUTLET Men inherited this concept, but without losing the comfort restrained offer a new series: double-breasted jacket box, graphite gray wool pinstripe suit jacket over a brown turtleneck and navy blue velvet Tuxedo abstract paisley print dress.
On behalf of the avant-garde and innovative brand MONCLER this season draws elements 90s and technological revolution, turning it into a modern fashion. While maintaining its minimalist essence, the new series into the laudable street fashion password, such as: sports pants zipper details and overalls, rubber lapel jacket and tailored sweater, hollow on the details of the suit, as well as hedging computer printing on sweaters and shirts and so on. Darker fashion frenzy and technology complement each other. MONCLER 2014 autumn and winter women’s collection inspired by the concept of the technological revolution, the new series continued beyond the limit. It blurs the line between fine tailoring and casual, high-tech and traditional as well as men’s and women between. For example, adding a distinctive signature style 60s laser cut design elements inspired by the lace material and bat sleeve shirt is navy blue morph, with checkered pants smoking; with rounded shoulders, wide lapels and box-waist design wool coat, show MONCLER big profile of casual style.

2014 Cotton Flax type trends: fashion jacket

Usual monotonous impression bloated thick down jacket, autumn and winter in 2014 has been the concept of subversion, a variety of fashionable silhouette, garment printing and superb technology, which led to a down jacket new images, so you can not wait to put on the body.
Down a short section of the more outstanding season, avant-garde silhouette very modern, such as Miu Miu, Fay, Tommy Hilfiger, Moncler Jackets and other brands; in the garment printing, printing has Kenzo bright yellow knee down jacket, Max Mara calm Plaid jacket, Yohji Yamamoto profile of printing stitching down coat; moreover, Junya Watanabe down filled quilted cape, Stella McCartney coat Obscure bent, are fashionable good choice.
Moncler Jackets blue coat is not only suitable for the classic black and white, the same with the red wine with a very harmonious. You can try burgundy pants or leather pants, or burgundy sweater, dark can also choose other single product, but avoid comparison with other large areas of color too intense, profound damage to the share of low-key beauty
Green tint coat in the season ready to return, loose silhouette with a big stick pocket minimalist design, it has become fashionable label. Do not want to wear fashionable garish, you can choose timeless classic black and white, with a sporty pants mix and match high-heeled shoes, for you to add a unique charm accent.
Avoid garish purple jacket with exaggerated, you can choose denim blue single product, such as denim shirt, denim trousers, not only add vitality breath, bring the same visually harmonious beauty. Similarly, you can cleverly integrated into the feminine red accessories, to shape dotting effect

Farewell bloated down jacket was thin outfit equation

Snow has passed, chilly, whether we have been ready for the winter jacket it? Every time, a number of beauty influx of people are beginning screenwriters about it, how would bloated down jacket with a fashion sense is a question worth pondering. Today, sorting out the eight groups of European and American actress was thin jacket fashionable outfit, a short paragraph, the long, long sections of level processing, which take the color choices and other issues are very demanding, we might find some from their body inspired by it.
Wizard rock Avril Lavigne‘s Moncler Jackets black casual jacket collar ovo leisure, which take the personality of the pin pattern short T-shirt, black trousers and tight leg lace boots full uninhibited, feeling more relaxed overall its petite dress.
Abercrombie & Fitch black fur collar lace jacket leisure wild, ride Romwe symmetrical Print Long bright orange sweater prominent fashion sense, Rag & Bone black metal style leather pants cool flavor, Romwe black lace Martin boots, 3.1 phillip lim gray coffee color retro leather bag are all of a type of a single product.
Australia’s Kylie Minogue days to Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher short black jacket with a wide collar black and gray stitching wind pants, knee-high boots overstating the body line, create supermodel proportions, creating a visual tall stature.
Burberry London in the waist deep Putao Zi Splendid take short down jacket with high collar tight T-shirt design was thin waist excellent results, Balmain black stitching leather pants + Jimmy Choo black knee boots fine with a range of children domineering, Givenchy commuter bag and Ray-Ban black full royal sister temperament.
Burberry Prorsum show field to help Rachel Bilson tweed dress with deep V long things take a dark gray down jacket, slightly pinched waist design highlights the curves, sexy atmosphere, locomotive wind buckle high-heeled ankle boots and orange handbag very brisk.
Moncler Jackets night blue lace jacket and long sections have the same effect was thin, which take the M Missoni sea-green striped knit dress, elegant and charming, Alexander McQueen decorative style ankle boots, Tila March handbags understated design sense, Lanvin Jacinth Ribbon Necklace add dotting pen.